Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

What started as a simple idea to try and better one person’s day, turned out to be helping various initiatives, from spending time with the children, where their families are not able to care for them, to feeding the neglected animals or raising funds to feeding a child. This has made me realize, that giving back is rewarding in such a way, where the impact can have a ripple effect on others, leading to positivity full circle.

Based in Cape Town, Positive Impact Support, the core function of the Non Profit Organization, is to provide support where possible and to improve the lives of those who come from underprivileged communities. The focus is to assist and support early childhood development, and to improve the lives of the children. The goal is to provide a platform for enabling empowerment of individuals to become self-sufficient, by involving them in community-based projects and assisting the children to develop into young, positive adults. In this way, we grow community development by reducing poverty.

What We Do

The Mission Statement for Positive Impact Support, is to create tangible solutions to education, poverty, and social injustice, by improving education and take care of children as well as empower, the parents from disadvantaged communities.

Our Vision is to create sufficient opportunities for learning and development,
for individuals to reach their full potential.


— We Provide

We focus on providing basic needs such as food, meals. 


— We Facilitate 

We facilitate programs for ECD to reach their full potential  


— We Stabilize

Help stabilize our people to becoming self-sufficient 


— We Educate

We educate all the stake holders around each project as needed.


— We Provide Care

We provide the care needed to familes and children and parties involved who needs.


— We Consult

We provide consulting on numerous aspects around every project and we have an extensive network of knowledgeable professionals to call upon when needed.

We believe that all people should be treated with respect. We encourage risk taking for personal growth and development and our communities should feel that they can count on others. We instil honesty and Integrity and build trustworthy relationships for the community to feel that Change can happen. 

Impact Stories

Stories coming soon...

Details to follow upon next site update.

Stories coming soon...

Details to follow upon next site update.